In-Class Writing 9/19

How does what you read today in Ralph Cintron’s Angels’ Town change, alter, revise, and/or extend the rhetoric and literacy-based narratives about graffiti / street art / tagging we’ve been discussing in class so far?

Cintron describes that every gang has their own lexicons, and the street gangs use and transform the mainstream culture into their own use of the graffiti. From the development of gang culture, the author suggests that all the culture should be understood based on its origins and history, and “lexicon” and”syntax” are two important component of street gain arts.

Angel’s Town graffiti is also described as media that goes beyond the literacy-based narratives, because the graffiti can also be used as a tool to proclaim or occupy the territory, meanwhile, it is a tool to express the sensitive topics such as social justice to the public in an implicit way, in order to gain the power and the attention to facing the problem.


In-Class Writing 10/17

  • Why did we talk about disruption, formatting, and glitch last week? What’s any of this have to do with WAM?

Disruption, formatting, and glitch can be related to the new form of composition, and glitch art shows the importance of using technologies that turn one product into a disruptive form, glitch art is also an expression or an exaggeration of the “failure” and the noise in a media product, and it conveys a different meaning and new aesthetic experience. It relates to WAM because it provide the example that adopting a media form which different from the common ones “mistakenly” could be a chance to create new type of arts, and in WAM, sometimes we need to break the rules such as mix the audio clips to form a new one to reach a totally different meaning, and the remixed product usually offers new experience compared to the original clips.

  • What do the two articles we read, in addition our databending workshop, tell us about audio as a medium?

The articles we read about mp3 and glitch, together with the databending workshop provide the vision that audio is a media that can be easily edited, distributed and stored, it offers a hearing experience that distinct from a visual product and other forms of media. People can use audio to express many emotions about various topics such as culture and politics, and the technology is a helpful tool that enhances the possibility of audio products.

Blog #10 Digital-Viral Revisited

DiGiorno Pizza used a popular hashtag on Twitter trying to make the post a digital-viral text that would be followed by many people, but it turns out to be a mistake because the hashtag was created to against domestic violence. The text failed because the content doesn’t fit the proper use of the hashtag defined by most Twitter users.

Unexpectedly, the wrong text brought more attention to DiGiorno brand, similar events happened a lot nowadays and even become a publicity stunt that adopted by advertisers and marketers to promote brands. Generally, messages that “went wrong” could be spread more widely because they are unconventional to the audience, and touches the nerve that stimulates more strong emotions such as surprise, joy, disgust, and sadness, meanwhile, the mistake itself will become a topic among the audience. DiGiorno Pizza’s misuse of hashtag offended the domestic violence opponents, surprised the people having knowledge about “WhyIStayed”, and may amuse the audience hear about the mistake. The message arouses the surprise, anger, amusement at the same time to different groups on Twitter, and attracted the attention from the public to the brand.

DiGiorno’s mistake of choosing hashtag without researching the meaning is a lesson for writers. First, it suggests that the brand accounts on social media have the power to create and lead topics, while the damages of mistakes to the brands are huge and hard to recover. Second, writers should see the meanings behind the message when using it, and be aware of the dual definitions in case of creating confusion or misunderstanding to the audience.

Blog #9 Digital Viral Assignment

The meme I created is a combination of text and image, for the image, I uploaded a photo of me doing assignments taken by my friend, and used the meme maker to add text to the image. I chose to embed the image and text into the meme because it is a popular form of meme that spread on the Internet, and it conveys powerful and metaphorical message to the audience about the circumstances, most importantly, the meme would amuse and resonate the audience on the topic it implicates effectively compared to using only words or pictures. Apart from the meme, I also added the hashtag “#finalmonth” to the post to point out my topic of the meme and the thing that I’m concerned with.

The subject matter of the meme is the busy daily schedule and a huge amount of work during the coming December, which is the busiest month full of presentations, papers and exams during the semester for the college students. Not only the students, the faculties in school may also have more stress in the final month. I think of the theme because recently I was shocked by the intense schedule written on my monthly planner, and I saw some complaints and shared moments about the busy school schedule from the friends in different universities on the social media platforms. It is said that the universities in America is not easy, and I found the task is heavier especially during the final weeks, and the message behind the meme is relevant to the recent study life that is timely.

I posted the meme on Facebook to distribute it because the audience is the college students, who are the majority of my Facebook friends. However, since the meme is about the stress during the final month and everyone may have different ways of expressing thoughts towards the busy schedule, not only limited in using the hashtag and post on the social media, I did not expect people to spread the hashtag, but I hope that there will be more creative posts about lives in December, whether their stance is making fun of the busy life or expressing the moods.



In-Class Writing 11/28

  • Map has the power to describe the objects in one area very clearly and precisely, whatever themes the composer choose for the map, the person will convey the message or knowledge to the audience in an effective way if displaying all the necessary information. It’s a genre which can combine the text and image and even other technologies, and the other media like audio and video can not do it.
  • The map is all about the space, it can not be a map if lack of the information about the space. Meanwhile, a space need the map to show its details to the person who are not familiar with the space, and the map will effectively show the message of one space.
  • Gather data and present it in the form of map tells me that writing is a way to present our idea to the audience with different media under different context, and the multimedia make the message more interesting to the audience.
  • To improve our work of hte map, it will be better if we draw the map to scale more precisely and do a field trip to the restaurants on the Green Street, we would also ask the students who come to the restaurants very often to ask for the features of the restaurants.

Blog # 8 Rhetorical Map Proposal

1.) What subject matter are you planning to address in your map? Why?

In the rhetorical map project, we want to draw the food map of the restaurants in and around the campus, we choose this topic because sometimes we make hard choices of where to eat during the day but eating is important to the everyday life; sometimes we want to grab a food very quick in the rush to the next class, and sometimes we just want to enjoy the meals, the need varies accordingly, and we think a food map may help.

2.) What’s your map’s tentative argument or claim at this point? What’s it saying about space?

We claim that there are quite many restaurants on the campus. Many students in UIUC used to go to the restaurants in green streets. They thought popular or delicious restaurants are located in off campus. Students who do not have a car should use uber or just have to go the restaurant where they often go. We want students and faculties have more information about various restaurants in on campus so that they can have more diverse restaurants that fit with their tastes. Our map will tell the people about the restaurant and what is the main dish in there.

3.) What medium do you plan on using to compose your map? What are its affordances?

For our map project, We will use some basic medium. We plan on making a hand-drawing map and then getting more detail by using photoshop. First, we will search for the campus map. We will set the boundary of the map. Then, we will roughly sketch the map in the paper. Affordance of hand drawing is that it allows the easy modification of the idea.When we use the photoshop for the first draft, it will take some time to modify. Also. we can quickly get to our opinion of the map. After finishing the hand-drawing map, we will scan the map and digitalize it. Using photoshop or drawing tool will let more detailed and neat map. Also, the digital map can be easily distributed and accessed to people than the hand-drawing map. During composing our map, we will use traditional media and current developed technology media.

4.) Who do you imagine your intended audience to be? How will they benefit from engaging with your map?

Our intended audience will be the students, faculties or visitors on campus who want to know more about the local restaurants near their positions, or want to make a quick decision on where to eat every day. Engaging with our food map, they will have a glance of the possible dining choices, have the knowledge of the traits of different cafes or restaurants, and will be able to make a fast choice on deciding where to eat according to their needs, such as distance, type of cuisines, food serving speed, and price. (The resource may from Yelp)

5.) What problems do you anticipate in charting out, designing, and/or creating this project? How do you plan on getting around these issues?

At the first of our designing process, we were planning to do a map of the dorms and dining halls in UIUC for the freshmen or newcomers, but later we found UIUC has already done a great map displayed on its website, which shows the dorm and important buildings’ locations so clearly that we can’t come up with a better idea. After we decided on doing a food map, we are confusing about the tools we choose to map out, and to solve the problem we may draw the map by hand, scan it and use Photoshop.